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What is a Modular Kitchen?

A part of the room in a dwelling or commercial area where food preparation and cooking are made is termed as a kitchen.The modules that are used as the basic design of kitchen cabinets for storage of food, cooking equipment and also for other utensils and dishes with good management of space within a room(i.e; kitchen) are all together is termed as modular kitchen.

About Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the built-in kitchen installation modules that can be installed on a floor or a wall cabinet. Kitchen cabinets can easily be installed and removed. They are portable. Any part or module which is damaged can be easily replaced by other modules. Due to ergonomic research, the kitchen design had very much improved. Due to environmental factors in 2009 "Green Cabinets" have become more popular in the response to smoke and resources against Global warming. Nowadays modular kitchen comes in various types and designs according to one's desires and need.

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    Concept Development

    Each Set of kitchen modules are considered before setting it up

  • 2


    Considered modules are aligned with other modules in a proper and specific way.

  • 3


    Damaged and non-functional module units are replaced or repaired.

Residential Modular Kitchens

In India, Kitchen is termed as rasoi and still exists it's many other names in various regions and regional languages. The style and architecture of kitchens are different depending upon the region, need and way of cooking. Vastu Shastra is the Indian architectural science for building up the kitchens. Nowadays this technique is used around the globe by many architectures and interior designers for designing and developing modular kitchens.

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