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About Construction contracting

A mutual and legal agreement between two parties according to terms and conditions either client or management team in a document form for carrying out the construction work is known as a construction contract. The two parties involved in a construction contract may be one or more clients or one or more contractors under the management team. The legal rights, the scope of the work, duties, and responsibilities are mentioned in the contract. Both the parties are requested to follow the terms and conditions for the construction to be successfully completed.

Construction Contract's Project Management

The scope of the work, Planning, designing, financing, and modes of execution should be clarified and rectified among the client and the working team. A contractor is assigned by the project management team, and that contractor works under the guidance of the Project management team. At the core of any project success project management team resides. According to the Project management Institute (PMI) outlines Five phases of Project management Steps and procedures. They are as follows
1) Project concept and initiation, 2) Definition and Planning 3) Launch or Execution 4) Performance and control. 5) Project Close.

  • 1

    Concept Development

    Project concept and initiation, definition and planing are done in this stage.

  • 2


    Launch or execution, performance and control nand also the closure of the project are done in this stage

  • 3


    Remodelling, Rebuilding and anykind of other repair works are tackle at this stage.

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